Work Examples

I spent seven years working at Timberland, where I focused on developing tools to streamline sales operations and made getting actionable data as streamlined as possible.

I created and to developed, which is home to several web apps for the sales force. I also created Excel VBA-enabled workbooks as needed to assist in sales operations. Some examples are below.

It is built using Bootstrap, designed for mobile-first, and consistent throughout so adoption rates of new tools is high. Mobile-first is very important, because the primary users are sales reps - who are always on the road. The happier a sales rep, the more selling they can do! And sales reps were very happy with what tools are available to them on tbltech.

It supported 200+ active users in the US, Canada, Mexico and in the Tree and Pro divisions of Timberland.

Reporting Suite


To make relevant sales and account information easily accessible and available wherever the user is.

Tools used

The reporting suite on tbltech allowed the user to quickly return data that would typically require a visit to Cognos, or some serious manipulation in Excel. When relevant, the reports included images - and if you've ever attempted to make an image-heavy report in Excel, you can understand how much of a time savings this is!

These reports were developed with the input of and by request from the sales force.



Develop a mobile-friendly, user-centric sales returns and allowances (SR&A) request and approval tool that automates user notification.

Tools used

I partnered the the sales operations and finance teams to develop an SR&A workflow tool. Users file requests, upload relevant files, and then the request goes through various levels of approval until it is completed, and an RA/Credit Memo number is generated out of SAP. All inputted data is validated - eliminating the back-and-forth of the previous email-based solution, and all notification emails are automatically sent.

As the workflow tool is mobile-friendly, requests and approvals can be handled while on the road - eliminating the excuse of "I wasn't at my computer, I couldn't get to it!"



Provide visibility to orders being processed in multiple distribution centers for sales reps, customer service and logistics team and allow for commenting on order processing by DC clerks.

Tools used

Originally, the status and information of orders being processed in the DC was shared with the business via an Excel file sent out daily. This was not an ideal solution for users who were on the road. Also, providing updates on specific orders required emails to be sent to everyone - instead of commenting to the specific users. Anyone who wanted info on a specific order had to filter down, and there was no additional information beyond just the order status and value.

With this tool, DC clerks and customer service were able to make comments on order statuses and provide updates. Data was available 24/7, updated automatically, and filterable by 18 different parameters. The filters can be saved, allowing sales reps to easily check on the DC status of their specific ordes.

B2B Registration Codes


Drive adoption of the B2B site by streamlining the registration process for accounts and customer service reps.

Tools used

My team was responsible for managing Timberland's B2B site. In mid-2015 we launched a new site, and new users need a unique registration code to access the site. I built a simple registration code lookup/sending tool for Customer Service and Sales Reps, which helped us achieve 90% adoption of the new B2B by accounts in the first six months.


It's not like I want to spend my time creating Excel files. But, Excel is the duct tape holding together the aircraft carrier of business. Without it...where would we be?

I am not proud of the jankyness of some of the Excel projects I have done, but when the going gets tough, the tough make shit work.

Catalog Extraction File

For each new season, we were provided with a Word file containing the copy used to create the new product catalog. This is the file that the creative team uses in Illustrator to actually build the big, pretty catalog. But my team needs this content to populate the B2B, Shotfarm and other data sources.

I created a workbook and the necessary macros to parse out the content of this Word document into a clear, straightforward spreadsheet. What was once a thirty hour process of copying and pasting now takes about two minutes.

Merchandising Matrix

The product merchandising team needed to improve the process they used to manage the wholesale product line.

I built a workbook that imports data from our PLM system, summarizes the merchandising channel decisions and logs changes made to specific columns. It is the only system that is used to make decisions about where product is sold.

Product Allocation

Certain products are allocated, and sales reps must shift units around as needed. The product allocation tool allows the allocator to import and process an allocation request and create a report of the changes that need to be made in SAP.