You can download a .csv file containing general information for all events, or detailed information for a specific event. This is all via the BikeReg API.

All events


They're all optional.

Comma-separated two-character state abbreviations to restrict the search to - i.e. "ME,NH,VT".

An address as your search around. If this is included, results will have a "distance" property that represents how far away each result is from the given address.

Restricts search results to those within distance miles of loc.

An exact USAC permit # to match, i.e. "2014-2735".

The page of results to start with, counting by 100. i.e. a startpage of "2" will return the 200-300th results for that search, if they exist.

Restricts search to results within a given calendar year (i.e. "2014"). If absent, results will include all future events.

One event

All you need to do is enter a BikeReg event ID (eg, 19208). You can't use a "fancy event ID", like "2015limerock". You can get event IDs from the all events API, under the "EventID" column (go figure).