Here is some stuff I'm doing that is potentially interesting.

Being a "Technical Solutions Analyst" at Timberland. My title is vague, but I spend my time creating web-based (and sometimes Excel based (I know, I don't like it either)) tools to help people do their jobs more efficiently and make their workday easier. I support the North America merchandising team, Timberland Casual and Timberland PRO sales teams, sales planning and operations, Timberland B2B site, and anyone who bribes me with a coffee.

Announcing bike races. I had the pleasure of announcing GP Gloucester in 2014 and 2015, as well as several other bike races and events.

Here is some stuff I made.

BikeReg Exporter - Using the available BikeReg API, I created a tool to output event information to a .csv file. Pretty useful for importing into other calendaring applications.

There should be more stuff here.

Here is some stuff about me.

I am on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I currently live in Exeter, NH. There is a great bike shop in town.

I like riding road bikes, and I think bikes are friggin' awesome. I am a terrible mountain biker, but I am starting to enjoy it.

I like to use Bootstrap because it's nice, makes my life easier, and I'd rather focus on the back-end.

I really don't know what else to say. I hope you have a super day!