Things I do "professionally"

aka things I get paid to do

Technical Solutions Analyst at Timberland

My title is vague, but what it boils down to is that I spend my time creating web-based tools to help other people do their jobs more efficiently and make their workday easier. Sometimes people ask me to help them with Excel. Excel is a wonderful program, but sometimes people expect it to work wonders. It's like asking an '88 Tercel to win a WRC race in 2016.

I primarily support the North American Wholesale team. Much of what I do involves taking reports that take forever to run (in Cognos) and make them more user friendly, add images (yaaay pictures), and compile data in a way that is interesting.

Announcing bike races

I announce a bunch of bike races - mostly during cross season.

In 2016 I have announced/will announce/will talk at:

  • Greenfield Crit
  • GP Beverly
  • CX at White Park
  • Midnight Ride of CX
  • Night Weasels
  • NEBRA Roadies Award Ceremony
  • GP Gloucester
  • Ice Weasles

I also help promote the Exeter Classic with my best friend Drew Szeliga.

Internet things you may enjoy

Really only helpful if you are a bike race announcer or promoter

Using the available BikeReg API, I created a tool to output event information to a .csv file. Pretty useful for importing into other calendaring applications. You can check it out here.

I have a few Python scripts up on GitHub to help make compiling data for announcing races easier.

Here is some stuff about me.

I am on Twitter and LinkedIn and probably some other social media networks.

I currently live in Exeter, NH. There is a great bike shop in town.

I like riding road bikes, and I think bikes are friggin' awesome. I am a terrible mountain biker, but I am starting to enjoy it.

Don't know if you could tell, but I really like Bootstrap. It's nice, makes my life easier, and I'd rather focus on the back-end. Also, I am colorblind (red/green, so yes I can see colors but not the full spectrum), so not having to worry about colors (or...just doing everything in grayscale) makes my life much easier.

Here's the cool shit

Here are my race resumes

Look at how great I am at racing my bike

Here is a photo of me crashing my bike

This is from 2011. I am the guy in red flying through the air, about to crash right on his tailbone. It was pretty fantastic.

Things I am into right now

It is currently September 30, 2016

Here are two songs that are actually terrible but I enjoy

They are both by the artist "I Hate You When You're Pregnant". I preserve them here for the benefit of history.